We have signed Young Medicine. We haven’t signed a band in this genre since Motionless In White. Seeing as how successful Motionless has turned out to be we decided to go for it again! We have high hopes for these guys and anticipate great things! Check out their debut single video here

Bad Case Of Big Mouth & Time Will Tell have both been added to the 2014 Skate and Surf Festival. Date and set times will be announced soon.



We have been busy, working, managing, writing, producing, and generally creating and keeping the business of music going!  Oh yeah and we also signed some new artists!  Check them out!

Time Will Tell These guys and gal are everything that is right about feel good pop rock music these days.  We cant really compare them to anyone but if you like jimmy eat world, Hot Chelle Rae or Third Eye Blind you are going to like them!  Check them out!

Those Girls

Super incredible vocal performance from some ladies that can genuinely sing and perform.  We are currently in the studio working on their debut record.  Its about time the “ladies” came and showed the boy groups how its done.

Nevada Rose

These guys have yet to play their first show.  Instead they went to Florida and made an outstanding record with producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember).  Upon leaking a few tracks from their record to us and a few labels, the phone started ringing!  Within days labels and managers were storming the band.  We are happy they chose us to represent them.

Vanessa Hudgens is stripping for the first time to The Karma Killers! Yes it’s true, Vanessa will be making her “stripping” film debut in the upcoming Nicholas Cage film The Frozen Ground. Our boys in The Karma Killers provided an exclusive song for the film and you can see and hear a clip from the movie right here! Go watch the video and hear a clip of the song here, http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/film/5003549/Vanessa-Hudgens-strips-for-pole-dance.html